Philosopy & Mission of JBQ


The Philosophy of JBQ

JBQ centers on:

FACTS.  The Bible Fact-Pak is a teaching tool to help children learn and assimilate important truths about the Bible, mastering its great teachings.

FUN.  JBQ offers a fun avenue for children to study at their own level.  Team quizzing should de-emphasize competition, resisting the urge to develop superstars.  Avoid a “winning is the only thing” attitude among quizzers and coaches.
FELLOWSHIP.  The wide variety of question usage, including studying with family and friends, provides rich Christian fellowship.  This fellowship is broadened as the children quiz and make friends with children from other churches.
FAITHFULNESS.  This is a great virtue taught through quizzing.  JBQ is a program in which self-discipline and accountability are learned.


Mission of JBQ

The purpose of JBQ is fourfold.

1. Encourages, by systematic memorization and study, an in-depth understanding of God’s Word among young people, which leads to daily application of the Word.

2. Cultivate through competition a proper attitude toward winning and losing.

3. Provide an opportunity for disciplining youth so that they will reflect the Spirit of Christ in attitude, word, and action.

4. Provide through travel and competition opportunities to expand Christian friendships.