Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ)

More than a Game, It’s Faith for a Lifetime

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) was created and designed to help children develop a love for the Bible and an understanding that its truth can guide their lives daily. JBQ offers a fun, exciting way to motivate children to understand the all-important truths in God’s Word. Through cooperative learning, children work together on teams to learn and understand the questions and answers from the Bible Fact-Pak. Then using cooperative competition the children meet with other teams for a fun quizzing match.

JBQ utilizes 576 carefully selected questions covering major persons, places, events and teachings from the Bible, including 107 quotations questions that help build a strong foundational understanding of God’s Word. JBQ is one of the strongest discipleship tools that we have to help kids and families grow in their relationship with God. The JBQ season runs from September through April, with Regional and National Tournaments in May and June.   Kids in K-6th can quiz with leagues for various experience and grade levels. For information about starting a team, please  contact us.