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2014-15 Theme

We are excited to announce our 2014-15 Theme: Watching Giants Fall. This year, our theme finds it’s roots in a 10 point question asking about the giant that David killed. While we know it’s Goliath, there is still so much more for us to grasp. 1 Samuel 17 is the location for this great story. David did not just watch Goliath fall from the sidelines, he was on the front lines, partnering with Holy Spirit to see the victory!


Two armies, gathered across from each other awaited a battle. Goliath walks out and does his best to ridicule, humiliate and curse the army of Israel, the king and God. The Israelite army cowers in fear at the sight and sound of him and none dare venture out to meet his challenge. This continues for 40 days!!

Then David, who isn’t even part of the army arrives and hears this. Long story short, it doesn’t go over all that well and David finds himself in front of King Saul assuring him that he can defeat the giant. Though David would not do it by himself, God would be with him just as he had been in past struggles.

How the king is convinced to let this young man go out and represent the army I don’t know, but David marches out to meet Goliath head-on. He is not as concerned with the words coming from Goliath’s mouth as much as he is concentrating on hearing and moving in the name of the Lord Almighty. The battle that follows is extremely short and not only is Goliath cut down to size, but the Philistines are routed and no one has any doubt of the power of Israel’s God.

This is a great story of how God was with David to face and defeat the giant in his life. But it is MORE! David faced a physical and spiritual ‘giant’ and prevailed by the power of the living God. This story is to teach us that when we face giants, whether physical, spiritual, mental, however; that we also can prevail through the power of the living God.

We can look through books in the New Testament, like Acts and find ‘giants’ threatening God’s people. Time and time again they met them head-on with the direction and power of God and won victoriously. Through the Word, we find that the Bible is not just stories about people in the past, it is also our story today!

This year we want to remember that we are more than conquerors through Christ and He has called us to live that way. Not to cower before the giants of this world, but when God gives us the opportunities to stand against them in the name of the living God we will Watch Giants Fall!